This first course is a basic introduction to black box testing. It presents basic terminology and considers:
    the mission of testing
    the oracle problem
    the measurement problem
    the impossibility of complete testing
More info on the Learning Objectives for Foundations of Software Testing are available on the website.



Lecture 1: Overview & Basic Definitions

This provides an overview of the online Black Box Software Testing courses and introduces some definitions commonly used in the testing field.

Lecture 2: Strategy

This considers why testers test, what they are trying to learn, and how they can organize their work to achieve their mission.

Lecture 3: Oracles

This presents software oracles as heuristics that help testers make a judgment whether or not software passes the tests that are run.

Lecture 4: Programming Fundamentals & Coverage

This presents information about basic data handling and storage to help testers think about the multi-dimensional problem of test coverage in more sophisticated ways.

Lecture 5: The Impossibility of Complete Testing

This explores the complexity of determining when testing is finished and how the goal of complete testing is unattainable.

Lecture 6: Introduction to Measurement

This addresses the challenges of measurement in software testing.


Required Readings


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